What Is A Daily Scrum Meeting?

A daily stand-up call is a time-boxed event, occurs every day in an agile practice. Daily Stand Up usually happens for a very short duration to share high-level status on current progress compared to team commitment and is best used to explore any immediate obstacles to the entire team for that specific sprint.

  • Daily Stand Up calls are time boxed ceremony happens every day at Agile Practices.
  • This usually happens at the same time and preferably at the same place to avoid over the head.
  • This ceremony is only for the development team. Other stakeholders can also join as a spectator.
  • This is the place where team discloses dependencies or obstacles to drawing immediate attention.

# 1:  Sharing The Progress Not Status Updates

Daily stand up is not a status update meeting, rather this is more like a daily planning and so ideally happens at the starting of the day. In a distributed agile, it happens during an overlap time to make sure both Onshore & Offshore team join on a bridge / online sharing screen. Here all team members communicate on their task progress on planned versus real state. Ideally, Daily Stand Up should give an insight on the overall progress of features committed in that sprint.

# 2:  Show The Showstopper Not Brainstorming On It

If we miss showing the showstopper during the Daily Stand Up call, then probably we will miss an opportunity to discuss these roadblocks with all scrum team for that day and so it may keep all issues and dependencies invisible to other stakeholders. This situation usually happens when we fear to discuss known issues and so it will keep on impacting the schedule and push our commitment if delayed in resolution. Another reason is low transparency as well low personal accountability towards sprint commitment.

# 3:  Being Brief, Specific And Precise, Not Story Telling

During starting of scrum journey, many team members never had enough experience in conducting a right way for a Daily Stand Up call. A ScrumMaster should drive few initial Daily Stand Up calls to make sure that team follows the time bound and being short and precise necessary to communicate their current task progress and addresses all roadblocks. Team members should be very precise while stating their progress over the task and should remember that it is not all about a story telling and so a good orator should also refrain from speaking a lot during the call. The ideal way to be very specific:

  • % progress completed since the last meeting
  • % Progress planned till next meeting
  • Anything blocking to go ahead for the day

Use parking lot items for anything beyond above points and which also necessary to discuss after Daily Stand Up call.

 # 4:  Pulling Tasks From Team Backlog Tasks

  • In Daily Stand Up meeting development team members share their commitments towards achieving the sprint goal through the tasks what he/she is planning to meet till next meeting in very next working day.
  • These commitments focus towards sprint goal only not at project Level or release level.

# 5: Daily Stand Up Facts, Unavoidable Truths

  • A daily Stand Up is regular and time-boxed ceremonies to share own commitments towards sprint goals.
  • Communicating real status and address obstacles.
  • The entire core development team attends this event.
  • Scrum Master andProduct Owner is not mandatory to attend this.
  • Guest or other stakeholders are welcome but are there as mute spectators.
  • The stand-up is not a brainstorming or a story telling session neither a status updates session.
  • If any general discussion starts, remind participants to add in the parking lot for future discussion.

# 6: Daily Stand Up – A Sample Format

  • “What have I achieved since our last meeting, which meets towards our sprint goal?”
  • “What do I plan to meet before we meet on next working day stand up towards our sprint goal?”
  • “What (if anything) are obstacles/ blockers to meet our sprint goals?”

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Author: Pratap

Pratap has over all two decades in Agile experience in project / program management, practicing & implementing agile frameworks in Product development and extensive experience as an EnterpriseAgile Coach, Accredited Kanban Trainer, SAFE SPC4, Scrum Trainer, DASA DevOps Trainer, Scrum Coach, Lean Kanban, JIRA, Jenkins, TDD, BDD, Scaled Agile & Less trainer, Agile Consultant

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